The organization from the beginning had a humanitarian purpose; the first activities were to support people in need. Subsequently, the fields of action have been diversified:

  • participating on a voluntary basis, to the organization and smooth running of events such as, seminars on topics of interest: presenting the potential of Suceava area, opportunities to develop ecological tourism in Bucovina in collaboration with partners from Ukraine,
  • promoting culture, tourism and cultural tourism highlighting the traditions, customs, crafts and intercultural dialogue
  • promoting common heritage
  • an important goal was to encourage mixed teams in the cross-border area for film production as well as to support the movement of art photography, the cultural products

To achieve this objective over time, we have implemented and participated in cultural projects with European funding for twelve years now.

The following specific objectives take an important place in the foundation's work: organizing exhibitions of art photos by inviting personalities in the field both nationally and internationally, organizing meetings with directors, actors, critics, film writers and film production in the European context, and film co-production with European filmmakers and beyond, "Bucovina-European Space"-organization of multi-ethnic and multicultural events.

A constant activity of the foundation is promoting the theatrical movement the classical theatre plays as well creating theatre plays for the minorities, for multiculturalism and multilingualism. We have great experience in the production of theatrical performances, both with professional and amateur actors. Our shows were held in unconventional spaces (cultural malls) as well as the classic rooms. We promote multimedia performances (theatre - film). Our concept of making a spectacle ensures greater mobility to move in different places the show. We are a training centre for adults that promote media courses: image editor, director emission, photographer, reporter, operator image and advertising copywriter.

Regardless of the funding sources, the EU funds has offered the Clopot Humanitarian Foundation, possibilities to develop its activities in the field of preservation and valorization of authentic spiritual values, promoting the multi-ethnic dialogue with finality in a tourism product specific to the cross-border areas. Culture with an emphasis on visual arts is a form of knowledge and cooperation that unites people, destinies and changes mentalities, helping to a better understanding and coexistence. Romania as a tourist destination, was and is a permanent concern to the foundation. A European country open to international tourism must have a modern approach and support for active employment alternatives.

All these projects will be presented in the European funds section. Activities with non-European funds:

  • Round table: “Coordinating efforts of state bodies, territorial communities and NGO organizations in developing tourism in Bucovina.” Together with Association of Book Publishers and Distributors - Book Patronage-Suceava Branch, the organization participated at the preparation of the material for the round table organized by the Association “Bukovinian Perspectives”
  • Folk Winter Holidays The revival of traditional spirit, by organizing winter holidays in the city of Suceava, according to folk traditions
  • Dissemination traditions and customs in the Romania-Ukraine border Strengthening of a database and collect information on the traditions of the border area in collaboration with FADEPC Suceava.
  • Tourism Bucovina - specificity in globalization, uniqueness in unity The Foundation conducted a workshop on specificity in theme that addressed economic and cultural perspectives of traditional customs, crafts traditions.

In 2016, the foundation has concentrated its activity to the south-east area in Constanta. Here the foundation implemented two projects: Dobrogea Ethnic Festival – Dobrogea’s Day funded by the Constanta City Hall, worth 122350 RON (27.189 euro) and Winter Festival 2016- The magic land of Christmas, funded by the Constanta City Hall, worth 1.659.620 RON (368.800 euro). The Dobrogea Ethnic Festival – Dobrogea’s Day has brought to the forefront Dobrogea’s cultural space as a multicultural and multiethnic one. The diversity of traditions was presented through dance, song, crafts, culinary art. Made in a space filled with significance-Ovidiu market, the event offered the chance of a large participation for a heterogeneous audience, but which joined in a great celebration of authentic cultural values. Winter Festival 2016- The magic land of Christmas, was an event dedicated to people of all ages, focusing on children and young people through season-specific activities organized in the workshops, but the combination of magic, tradition and story has truly created a magical land of holidays.