Non-profit organization European Institute for Cultural Tourism EUREKA (EICT EUREKA) is an independent juridical person with non-governmental character, an European Institute for conducting research and development, educational, training and scientific applied activities.

The Mission of EICT EUREKA is to develop sustainable and responsible tourism through the enhancement, promotion and preservation of cultural heritage, local authenticity and natural treasures.

The main object of activity is focused on tourist products development and promotion, research of tourist resources related to development of sustainable tourism, vocational training for the human capital engaged in the tourism industry, transfer of best practices and networking with both tourism business and local authorities.

The Association put special emphasis on Surveys and applied research in cultural and historical heritage, on Cross-border and trans European cooperation.

The team of EUREKA continually explore the cultural value of the regions in Bulgaria - traditions, customs, historical and archaeological sites. EICT EUREKA is closely collaborating with local, regional and national authorities and with the tourist companies in Bulgaria to create attractive tourism products based on the cultural values and rich culture, natural and historical treasures heritage. Furthermore EUREKA works with tourism businesses to develop and offer alternative forms of tourism, especially cultural tourism, to raise the awareness about protection and valorizing of culture, natural and historical heritage and sustainable development.

  • Scientific applied studies in the area of sustainable development and cultural tourism The team of experts conducts scientific research in the field of cultural, historical and archaeological heritage of Bulgaria, explores the tangible and intangible cultural heritage in order to develop attractive tourism products and to enrich the regional tourism offers. Explores the resources of the region Severoiztochen to develop alternative forms of tourism such as rural, eco, religious tourism and makes them available to the public through media and Internet publications. Prepares tourist routes and packages based on the latest trends of demand on the tourist market to diversify seaside tourism and promote them to the local tourism companies and local and regional public authorities. Creates conceptions for tourist attractions and competitive and innovative tourism products based on relevant resources of tangible and intangible heritage; Disseminats all research results on a non-discriminatory and non-exclusion principle to all stakeholders; publications in national and international specialized editions, scientific journals аnd on line media.
  • Capacity building of stakeholders One of the main activities of NPO EICT EUREKA is conducting of workshops and trainings of stakeholders (tourism business, public authorities, cultural institutions, NGOs) in the fields of responsible and sustainable tourism, green practices and green marketing brands; alternative forms of tourism and their role for the sustainable development and year-round employment in tourism enterprises; trends in supply and demand of tourist products in world tourism markets; role of cultural and natural heritage - conservation and valorization; implies good European practices and networking with stakeholders from other regions and countries.
  • Creating regional, cross-border and national concepts, strategies and action plans for sustainable development оf cultural and alternative tourism In the past 10 years the team of EUREKA elaborated several regional strategic documents and tourism conceptions, using applied scientific approach and good European practices.
  • Carrying out Promotional and marketing activities Contributing to branding of northeast Bulgaria (Severoiztochen region) and creation of a destination for cultural tourism with the combined efforts of public authorities, tourism businesses, cultural institutions and NGOs.

The team of EICT EUREKA has with sound knowledge and extensive experience in

  • Networking with international partners, exchange of good practices and transfer of know-how. NPO EICT EUREKA is member of Europa Nostra - the largest pan-European network for the protection of Europe's cultural and natural heritage with 250 member organizations
  • Member of European Network Places of Peace with 15 members from 9 countries
  • Organizing international events; Elaborating promotional materials