Project contributes to the specific programme objective “To improve the sustainable use of natural heritage and resources and cultural heritage” having as specific objective “To diversify touristic offers during season and prolonging it by putting in value the main characteristics of the area: tangible and intangible multi-cultural heritages (multiculturalism) and yachting on natural heritage Black Sea, developing innovative and creative tourism. Sustainable use of cultural heritages is assured by all touristic packages developed within the project. “3 days religious route” will include religious and cultural tangible heritages, including those not valorised till present, outside the big towns, in villages, that proves the multiculturalism of the area dating from centuries, preserved in time, showing the tolerance and good understanding between ethnic population of the targeted area as a best practice to be known, as tolerance between ethnicity becomes a more up to date theme. “2 days multicultural customs route”, a creative product, aims intangible cultural heritages (customs, mentalities, music, gastronomy) connected to multiculturalism of the targeted area using as exemplification traditions linked to marriage, using an interactive approach not only a presentation, understanding also what was initially and what remains today still in force. Additionally, tourists will have the opportunity to visit Folk art Museum Constanta and Old Dobrich Ethnographic Museum. On “3 days cross border yachting tour” tourists can enjoy a new combination: traveling on yachts, on the natural heritage Black Sea discovering tangible cultural and natural heritages and specific gastronomy, music, as intangible ones. ”3 days cross border Dance Festival for amateur tourists” as interactive, creative product, will keep the thematic of multiculturalism by organising special sections for specific ethnic dances that are exemplified previous by a dancer, teaching tourists on different ethnic dances, as intangible heritage. “3 days Sand construction festival” will use as competition thematic constructions, by model, different cultural heritages from the targeted area, keeping the multiculturalism as main theme. The smartphone applications for available cross border tours/attractions/activities will contribute to a better promotion of the touristic products in the cross border area, including those developed within the project, valorising tangible and intangible heritages. The smartphone applications for explanatory touristic objectives’ tours will assure a better understanding of what represents the tangible heritages, including stories, legends that increase degree of tourist’s interest.