Clopot Humanitarian Foundation and Eureka Institute join their experience to respond to the main challenges of the targeted cross border area Constanta-Dobrich: seasonal tourism as a major challenge for the tourism industry closed linked to insufficient diversity of activities out of “sea and sun”, insufficient interest of tourism operators to promote diversified, innovative, creative touristic packages. The tourist supply is lagging behind the dynamics of the world tourist market, from the changes in demand and supply imposed by the profile of the modern tourist. There is no innovative/creative approach and added value of the local tourist product in the targeted area and to these projects comes with innovative touristic products. The modern tourist is looking first and foremost for a unique experience in an authentic environment, expecting to be an immediate participant and to get an unforgettable experience, not to remain a simple observer/visitor/spectator. Statistical data shows that in 2016 a high increase of tourists both in Constanta and Dobrich was registered, due to the problems appeared on the Turkish sea side market.But most of the tourists preferred July, August period for sea and sun holidays. In order to have consolidated touristic offers that do not depend on international situations, the project creates joint sustainable and creative touristic products as attraction both in full season and in extra-season.Therefore, the project objective is to diversify touristic offers during season and prolonging it by putting in value the main characteristics of the area: tangible and intangible multi-cultural heritages (due to the multicultural population that dates in harmony from old times till today) and yachting (more popular on tourists’ preferences) on natural heritage Black Sea, developing innovative and creative tourism products conducting to exchange of tourists between countries attracting, new tourist’s segments (easy traveling), developing creative events (sustained by manual for developing creative tourism, study on trends in creative tourism,methodology for implementation of each product, informative meetings). Using all promotional channels, including 2 smartphone application and sustained by a Joint marketing strategy for cross border tourism products` development and promotion, including creative tourism, project will conduct to a stable increase of number of visits to supported sites/events contributing to present call output indicators with 16% to number of integrated tourism products/services created (5 products, 2 services) and 4% to number of common strategies, policies or management plans for valorizing (including raising awareness) the cultural and natural heritage through its restoration and promotion for sustainable economic uses (1 strategy). Project has as target group tourism operators and as final beneficiaries tourists. Regarding result indicator number of tourists overnights in the CBC region, considering 8000 tourists/1touristic package/1year*4package*4Years (end 2019-2023)*2overnight/tourist, 10000 tourists/1touristic package/1year*1package*4 Years (end 2019-2023)*1overnight/tourist conduct to 296000 overnights due to the project implementation, 4% from the programme result indicator addressed to Priority Axis 3.Using a budget of 495000 Euro,the activities consist of: a) elaboration of a Preliminary study regarding targeted tourism operators (local, national, international, including transporters of passengers, accommodation units) that can operate in the CBC area, based on questionnaires and statistical official data as a base for project’s touristic products delivery and promotion, sustained by 2 workshops (1BG, 1RO) for raising awareness on the opportunity/importance of involving on project implementation and on promoting new project’s touristic products and services; b) defining and implementing 5 touristic products: “3 days religious route”, “3 days cross border yachting tour”, creative touristic products “2 days multicultural customs route”, ”3 days cross border Dance Festival for amateur tourists”, “3 days Sand construction festival”; c) developing 2 services consisting of smartphone applications, 1 for available cross border tours/attractions/activities and 1 for explanatory touristic objectives’ tours; d) elaboration of the Manual on creative tourism; e) elaboration of the Study on trends in creative tourism; f) elaboration of 1 Joint marketing strategy for cross border tourism products` development and promotion, including creative tourism; g) implementing informative and promotional actions using various channels (direct meetings workshops with support documents and pilot events for each project touristic product, TV, radio, social media, webpages, written press, brochures, guides, leaflets). All project’s activities have a cross border approach as they involves both sides in terms of partnership and on touristic products and services development and promotion. The whole concept is based on putting together into value new and creative touristic products with a common development and marketing strategy conducting to increased number of tourists on targeted area, diversifying the structure of tourists and prolonging the touristic season. The cross border approach is needed as comes with joint solution for common challenges and opportunities. The project originality consists on ready to be delivered new and creative touristic products and services sustained by promotional events for each product and all logistics, methodology, marketing and promotional elements (including films of the touristic product). “3 days religious route” will include besides the traditional objectives new religious and cultural objectives not valorized till present, outside the big towns, in villages. For tourists is created an application on smartphone as guide with explanation for each objective. On “3 days cross border yachting tour” tourists can enjoy a new combination: traveling on yachts, discovering cultural and natural heritages and specific gastronomy. “2 days multicultural customs route” will create a type of interactive show (music, dance, stand up show, film) focus on wedding traditions of most representatives ethnics in the targeted area Romanians, Bulgarians, Turks, Tatars, Roma, Aromanians. Concept and representation of the pilot interactive show will be subject of a film. Package will include also visit to Folk art Museum Constanta and Old Dobrich Ethnographic Museum. ”3 days cross border Dance Festival for amateur tourists”, “3 days Sand construction festival” will follow the same logistic. Smartphone applications for available CBC tours/attractions/activities will be created as a promotional platform easy accessible for any tourist to be updated by tourism and cultural operators after project accomplishment assisted by project’ partners.